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We share your passion for science. Promega is committed to excellence in technologies to assess key processes in PROTAC-induced protein degradation: compound binding and permeability, ternary complex formation, ubiquitination, and trafficking to proteasome. Assay live cells in kinetic mode to determine target protein degradation rates, DC50 potency values, and recovery profiles. Let’s collaborate.

Refeyn, the pioneer of mass photometry, is delivering a disruptive new generation of analytical instruments that let you weigh individual molecules with light.

Mass photometry offers new possibilities to characterise the function, structural composition and dynamics of biomolecules. Refeyn instruments measure the mass of individual molecules directly in solution, rapidly, and simply, revealing the true behaviour of molecules in near-native environments, providing scientists with key information about their mass distribution.

Concept Life Sciences is a knowledge and science-led contract research organisation. We are problem-solvers and trusted partners with a proven track record in life sciences, laboratory based analytical testing and mechanistic toxicology. We deliver a comprehensive platform of integrated solutions for a range of therapeutic modalities (e.g. small molecules, PROTAC, ADC) which are built on expert knowledge, collaboration, flexibility and extensive in-house resources. Concept Life Sciences was acquired by Spectris Group in 2018.

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SP Genevac high-performance solvent evaporation systems are designed for use in many drug discovery applications to accelerate research by eliminating bottlenecks in evaporation. The unique technology these systems encompass includes the Dri-Pure® anti-bumping system and SampleGuardÔ temperature control for maintaining integrity of samples during the evaporation process. SP offer a range of evaporators to accommodate various sample throughputs and designed to handle all common organic solvents and many different sample formats.

We envision a world where a quantitative insight into how proteins interact transforms our understanding of how the biological world operates, and helps all of us make better decisions about how we diagnose diseases, develop treatments and maintain our well-being.

By delivering the world’s best tools, software, analytics and services for analyzing protein interactions and making them universally available in the lab, clinic or home, we are making this vision a reality.

We are a clinical trial and pipeline database solution designed in partnership with pharmaceutical professionals. We track targeted therapies to provide accurate, in-depth, and real-time information in the rapidly evolving drug development landscape. For more information or to request a demo, visit: