Benika Pinch

Benika Pinch

Company: Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

Job title: Principal Scientist


A Strategy to Assess the Cellular Activity of E3 Ligase Components against Neo-Substrates Using Electrophilic Probes 12:40 pm

COFFEE (Covalent Functionalization Followed by E3 Electroporation) tests neo-substrate degradation by chemically modified E3 ligase components Recombinant E3s are labelled with maleimide functionalized neo-substrate ligands, and then electroporated into cells Proof-of-concept degradation by electroporated JQ1- or dasatinib-labeled VHL. Discovery that SPSB2 and SKP1 can be redirected to degrade tyrosine kinasesRead more

day: Day 1 AM - Stream A

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