Paul Novick

Paul Novick

Company: Nurix Therapeutics

Job title: Director - Cheminformatics & Machine Learning


1:15 Navigating Degrader Property Space with Machine Learning 9:15 am

Degraders occupy distinct chemical space from historical small molecule drugs, leading to poor predictive power in property space from commonly used rules and intuition There has been an expansion in BRO5 models in the literature and from commercial vendors, but internal evaluation indicates Nurix degraders are out of the domain of applicability Machine Learning approaches…Read more

day: Day Two Track A PM

Panel Discussion: How Will TPD Analytics Continue to Evolve & Innovate?

Moderated by: Benedict Cross 12:00 pm

Where is analytical innovation expected to come from? Comparing the advantages and opportunities of different analytical tools to advance drug design Discussing solutions to existing challenges and what the next steps are in research to accelerate TPD into the clinicRead more

day: Day One

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