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Speaker Testimonials

Why are our expert speakers getting involved?

"I look forward to contributing to the TPD Summit 2020 as one of the flagship events bringing together the growing protein degradation community across academia and the biopharma industry within Europe and beyond"

Alessio Ciulli

Alessio Ciulli
Professor of Structural Chemical Biology
University of Dundee

Georg Winter cut -min

"Participation in this meeting will allow me to connect with leaders in academia and industry, exchange thoughts, explore possibilities for collaborations and to further extend the research of my academic lab to impact definitive drug development efforts"

Georg Winter
Principal Investigator
CeMM Research Centre for Molecular Medicine

Ivan Dikic
Director of Institute of Biochemistry II
Goethe University Frankfurt

Ivan Dikic

"I look forward to exchanging ideas on current progress in the area of PROTAC and AUTAC technologies"

Davide Gianni

Davide Gianni
Associate Director of Genomics

"I believe this would be a remarkable opportunity to meet and
network with key opinion leaders in the targeted protein degradation field"

Piergiorgio Pettazzoni
Senior Scientist & Lab Head

Piergiorgio Pettazzoni

"Protein targeted degradation is an unprecedented opportunity that also comes with great challenges. In an area of expanding research, it is fundamental to connect with experts in this topic and stay updated in a field that evolves on a daily basis"

"This meeting is set out to explore a particularly exciting area of drug discovery and given the excellent line-up I hope to gather interesting insights, feedback and new ideas that can ultimately move us closer to systematically “drugging the undruggable” using targeted protein degradation"

Markus Muellner

Markus Muellner
Chief Technology Officer