About Event

With the ultimate goal of accelerating the translation of selective, bioavailable and effective protein degraders into clinical trials, join TPD Europe to capitalise on this emerging therapeutic class and make targeted protein degradation a blockbuster therapeutic approach that improves patient outcomes.

Key Highlights From Targeted Protein Degradation Europe Summit 2021

  • Discover the full potential of protein degrader approaches to open up therapeutic opportunity with insights from Brenda Schulman & Georg Winter
  • Diversify TPD strategies by uncovering novel E3 ligases with insights from AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly & PhoreMost 
  • Advance the horizon & impact of PROTACbased targeted degradation with insights from GSK, Bayer & Amphista Therapeutics
  • Expand the horizon of targeted protein degradation beyond oncology and the UPS with insights from Goethe University Frankfurt & The Institute of Cancer Research
  • Harness alternative next-generation platforms for inducing protein degradation with insights from Aelin Therapeutics & Mission Therapeutics