As the industry consolidates pipelines and heads out of a turbulent 2023 market, the targeted protein degradation engine has shown no signs of slowing.

Did you know...

42 new bivalent, monovalent, protein degrader and DUB inhibitors were added in 2023
140 clinical trials were updated, from early phase to phase 4
25 new trials were added in October 2023 alone

Our blossoming community of degrader experts are inspiring each other to develop medicines to address patients’ unmet medical needs.

Our Audience Joined Us To:

Brand New TPD EU Speakers

Leverage insights from the latest screening efforts using NMR and cell-based methods to identify novel E3 ligases and ligands rapidly with Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Orionis Bioscience, and Max Planck Institute


Harness robust lead optimisation knowhow to create potent, selective degraders that enable efficacious translation with Pfizer and GSK


Utilise degrader protein expression, ADME data, and novel modelling systems such as advanced cell-organoids to improve your degrader safety assessment with AstraZeneca, Foghorn Therapeutics, and Centre for Target Protein Degradation, University of Dundee


Novel approaches to address toxicity and selectivity with novel tissue-sparing target ID approaches for PROTACs and Molecular Glues with The Institute of Cancer Research and Monte Rosa Therapeutics


Maximise your end-to-end degrader discovery and development workflow by exploring the avenues for biophysical machine learning and AI input with Sibylla Biotech, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and University College London

You spoke, and we listened. In 2024 we aimed to bridge the divide between industry and academia by uniting some of Europe’s foremost TPD thinkers and researchers to collaborate in panel discussions, workshops, and engage in thought provoking Q&A with Europe’s leading TPD Biopharma.

Snapshot of Academics on the Agenda:

4th TPD EU - Snapshot of Academic Attendees