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We share your passion for science. Promega is committed to excellence in technologies to assess key processes in PROTAC- and molecular glue-induced protein degradation. From assessing protein degradation in real time, to ternary complex formation and more. Our CRIPSR content covers  hundreds of pre-built targets. Assay live cells in kinetic mode to determine target protein degradation rates, DC50 potency values, and recovery profiles. Let’s collaborate.


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HitGen, Inc. is a biotech company focused on DNA Encoded Library development and applications. HitGen's DELs currently contain more than 500 billion novel, diverse and drug-like small molecules, which are synthesized from many hundreds of distinct chemical scaffolds, designed with tractable chemistry, and have yielded proven results on challenging targets such as PPI with high affinity. HitGen has also developed unique DELs and methods for identification of small molecules that can be used for targeted protein degradation.

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Selvita is an integrated service company providing multidisciplinary support in resolving the unique challenges of research within area of drug discovery, regulatory studies, as well as research and development. The company was established in 2007 and currently employs 450 professionals.

Specialising in delivering integrated solutions Selvita has a proven track record of not just providing scientific excellence, but on building long-term partnerships with our clients and playing an active, consultative role in the project execution.


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Schrödinger’s industry-leading computational platform to accelerate drug discovery and materials design is deployed by leading biopharmaceutical and industrial companies, academic institutions and government laboratories worldwide. Founded in 1990, Schrödinger has over 400 employees and operations around the world. For more information, please visit:

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The pioneer in mass photometry, Refeyn produces a disruptive new generation of analytical instruments that measure the mass of individual molecules directly in solution. Mass photometry transforms our ability to characterise the composition, structure and dynamics of biomolecules, revealing the true behaviour of molecules in their native environment. Refeyn instruments can show sample purity and homogeneity, analyse biomolecular complex assembly or disassembly, quantify strength and kinetics of complex molecular interactions and more.


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We are a CRO specialising in the analysis of proteins and their associated PTM’s via advanced Mass Spectrometry.  By using proprietary methodologies, we can detect up to 8,000 proteins per sample in Discovery mode and can offer multiplexed assays of up to 100 proteins/sample in a GCLP accredited Targeted assay.

With their proprietary bioinformatics software, these can be trimmed down to some tens of proteins that are either up-, or down-regulated with disease progression or drug treatment. 


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Delve deeper into examining key targets involved in drug discovery, oncology, gene therapy and neurodegenerative disorders. Identify the critical molecules that influence targeted-protein degradation pathways with characterization tools from NanoTemper Technologies. We’re committed to enabling researchers to easily, efficiently, and precisely characterize proteins. With systems, software and consumables for evaluating and screening binding affinities, protein stability and protein quality, scientists in academia, biotech and pharmaceuticals will experience improved workflows and quality results.