Overcome Preclinical & Translational Hurdles Towards Safe & Effective Clinical Development Through Optimizing Compounds In Vitro & Vivo, Advancing Safety Profiles & Revolutionising Degrader Rational Design

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The Targeted Protein Degradation Europe Summit returns to London for its 3rd year, providing a central touchpoint to obtain critical updates and learnings from key European biopharma leaders, and delve into vital early discovery and preclinical challenges on the road to robust clinical pipelines.

As a more technical and mechanistic centred forum, this summit is built with European TPD professionals and global technical TPD experts in mind, as this two-tracked, three-day, forum will navigate through:

  • Enhance the Selectivity, Bioavailability & PKPD to Ensure Safety, Efficacy & Potency
  • Progress Computational Modelling of TPD to Improve Structural Predictions & Understand Selectivity
  • Optimising Degrader Design via Enhanced Assay Selection & Development
  • Emerging Degradation Strategies from AUTACs & LYTAC’s
  • Emerging Targets & Indications for Protein Degradation Beyond Oncology

As the first ever fully in-person meeting, 150+ leading Medicinal Chemists, Biologists, Heads of Discovery, and Pre-Clinical and Translational Development experts from Europe and across the globe will unite. Make sure you are a part of this community to strengthen your pipelines and stay ahead of the curve as the next generation of protein degraders are defined.

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